The trade war between America and China escalate, and Huawei ask Verizon to pay $ 1 million

Huawei Company

Benefit news agency Reuters, the source didn’t mention his name called that early on a new dispute related to patent the invention. Claim this report to Huawei request of the company American Communications Verizon pay licensing fees for more than 230 patents of its own, with height the desired amount to pay to $ 1 million.

Related patents concerned with the networks used by more than 20 vendors of the company, including technology companies, big American, but these vendors will know Verizon, at least according to an executive at the Department of licensing patents in the company Huawei.

Previously, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal that reported on this, where she explained that the patents on related equipment, network infrastructure, wired infrastructure, the technology of the Internet of things. On this subject, stated spokesman for Verizon, Mr. Rich Young stated : ” these problems are not limited to Verizon. Given the geopolitical context is clear, any issue related to the Huawei implications for our industry whole and also raise the risk of national and international “.

In the light of current events, it became the dividing line between the trade war between the United States and China and the intents of ” national security ” that involved Huawei is not clear. Didn’t know Verizon on this issue until now, which may turn into a legal battle, but she said that maybe it comes with geopolitical between the two countries, not on the patent itself.


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