The top level of the block Qi in Dubai pave the way for investment worth billions of dollars

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In response to the initiative of Dubai’s strategy for transactions of digital block Qi which was launched by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, aspiring to become the Government of Dubai was the first government in the world sold all of its transactions using the technique of block Chi by the year 2020, it was announced today on the date of the launch of the top level of the block Qi.

Start events of the World Summit during the period from 2 to 3 May 2018 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, and hosted by Dubai smart to be that the first event of this size in the world, and is expected to open the event, which comes in cooperation with Dubai World Trade Center, new horizons, and significant investment opportunities in the area of the block Qi.

Been planning the summit to be the global event’s most influential and creative in the world, where will meet more than 7,000 heads of boards of Directors, captains of Industry, and experts from all over the world to discuss speeding up the process of relying on technology applications to block your Chi in Dubai and beyond.

The focus of this conference is to transcend the stage of technical feasibility studies and operations, where you will spend more than 70 dialogue session to plan out the application process on the ground, and to create opportunities, and stimulate and accelerate the process of relying on the promising across all sectors and various industries, including retail, e-commerce, health care, Transportation, Education, economic, creative, hospitality, tourism, energy, technology, financial services, banking, safety and security.

Will host the event for two days, the first program of dialogue and knowledge sharing among the global leaders in the world, which includes closed sessions to bring together key leaders and officials of the technical block Qi government officials and industry representatives high-level to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the areas of computing and interoperability.

It will also know the demo will be available to the public to attend free of charge, to view the pilot projects and review of the developments and innovative ideas from more than 60 government and private enterprise, in addition to hosting the last stage of the challenge block Qi which was launched by Dubai smart, which is suitable for startups, entrepreneurs, specialists in the area of the block Qi.

In addition, will the event provides a learning platform in the area of the block of Qi through awareness workshops and practical, such as the “block Chi 101,” in addition to interactive sessions and specialized with a view to enhancing the knowledge and expertise to those wishing to learn more about the technology of block Qi.

Dr. Aisha bent butti bin bishr, Director General of the Office of Dubai smart: “Download technical block Qi huge potential for the future, untapped by many different industries, ranging from health care to transportation to energy, and the slope of the Emirate of Dubai spectacle of sport on the world level, in a commitment to embrace the work relying on this technique is promising to improve the lives of its citizens and to achieve their happiness in the end, far from it, pick up the Emirate of Dubai also turn the device, as establish its position as a platform to meet under the umbrella of its pioneers and innovators in the field of technology block your Chi, and applications, is proud to the Dubai Smart City to host the summit of the block Qi, As we look to the presence of the world to the Emirate of Dubai to learn about the latest developments, and build global partnerships strategy and develop a deeper understanding of this tool’s strong”.

You will explore the effectiveness of the group of Eminent Persons, and entrepreneurs from all over the world as speakers, bringing their number to more than 60 speakers, more than half of them come to the area for the first time, including Dr. Larry sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia, and the Executive Director to provide information to “evripidis” an encyclopedia similar to Wikipedia, based fully on the technology block Qi, IEEE hipp, winning twice awards “Grammy”, and founder of music application “Mason”, a platform for distribution of music considered in its infrastructure technology block Qi, and below, the The Executive Director of the company “hairline”, which is a well-known figure globally in the movement to support the open source administered by the institution of Linux.

In addition to the group of innovators, experts, and pioneers from the United Nations and Toyota, Vodafone and the European Parliament, Bank of America, DHL, in addition to the main hand responsible for news, technology updates, and block Qi.

AndDubai is a global Centre for the applications of cutting-edge technology, and has contributed to various initiatives that seek to education rely on technology to block the Chi in making the tech community the world sees it clearly, according to the corporation IDC, it is expected to double spending on technology applications to block Qi in the Middle East and Africa this year to reach $ 80.8 million, compared with $ 38.9 million has been spent in 2017.

According to the activity of the markets, expected to reach the value of the global market for digital downloads to $ 9.5 million by the year 2020, in addition to access the value of global investment in the technology block Qi to $ 300 million.

Aims of Dubai through its strategy to provide the “block Chi” to reduce paperwork by 100 million transactions annually, providing $ 1.5 million annually is spent on processing, and review of documents only, come to this strategy in collaboration with the Office of the Dubai Smart City andDubai for the future.

Wissam lootah, Executive Director Dubai smart government: “cut Dubai one step ahead in the field choose to use the technique to block the Qi in the various government posts in order to become a Dubai the first city to apply all their dealings through the technique of block Qi, and the institution of Dubai smart government to host this important Summit and influential in light of the escalating adoption of the technology block Qi at the level of the world where you will find the summit’s most important leaders and industry experts of the global innovators in our city which will play a pivotal role in enriching the debate around the adoption of this technique across the spectrum of sectors.”

Is the top level of the block Qi 2018 as the first event of its kind, and the most prominent event in the field of the technique of “block Chi” portal for government information developed in the world, and the work is the first of its kind for the government sector, the entrepreneurs, industry experts, and technology companies emerging.

Has been successful the top level of the block Chi-2018 in that the core interest of my world, where participation from outside the United Arab Emirates to avoid a ratio of 40 percent.

Said trixie were, Senior Vice President of event management at the Dubai World Trade Centre: “Dubai has the leading role globally in the adoption and development of techniques to block the Chi, you will have the summit block Qi play a key role in attracting and bringing together key experts and thinkers in the industry to drive innovation, share knowledge, establish commercial partnerships and develop a global agenda to implement technology to block Chi, has designed the summit and is the official event highlights hosted by the Government of Dubai to be the most influential factor on the level of the world in the field of adoption of technology, block Qi and open the horizons to impose millions of dollars provided by all sectors, not only in Dubai but also for innovators in the field of technology block Qi at the level of the world, We are pleased to cooperate with Dubai smart in this initiative interesting strategy that will change this world.”

The top level of the block Qi in Dubai pave the way for investment worth billions of dollars

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