The top 5 cryptocurrencies for long-term investment according to the version of Weiss Ratings

Analysts Weiss Ratings has published an updated rating of the most popular cryptocurrency. Experts summed up the trends, which were formed on the market the last few months. This time they analyzed the 120 most famous coins based on the relative risks of their investments and prospects of technical development. Earlier, a similar top made in China. In this first place for several consecutive months is EOS.

Who will be the first

The results commented on the Weiss Ratings founder Martin Weiss.

Despite falling prices since the beginning of 2018, our analytical model indicates a steady growth in the transaction volume, user base, network nodes of the block chain, as well as the security of individual projects. These improvements are often accompanied by evolution of technology of the cryptocurrencies, so the best time to invest in digital assets is close.

The Agency has made a rating of the five most attractive coins for long term investment.

  1. Ripple (A). The project provides a network for interbank transactions, which could become a serious competitor to the SWIFT;
  2. EOS (rating: A). “Rising star” of the new Internet, the main contender for the place of Ethereum;
  3. Bitcoin (rating: A). After working on the Lightning Network, the cryptocurrency may be one of the most popular means of accumulation;
  4. Ethereum (rating: A-). The most popular platform for smartcontract. While it has some issues with scalability;
  5. Cardano (rating: B+). The project has great chances to become very popular due to the potential to work with smartcontract.

The top ten also hit the rest of the coins with high grades:

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Experts also warn that investors should be very careful when investing money in a crypt. It is the most risky asset at the moment, so the best ratio of risk to profit will get only the five above-mentioned coins.


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