The top 10 trends dominated the Central Technical during the current decade

Since almost ten years; specifically, in 2010 revealed Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad iPad, andmiss the company (Yahoo) Yahoo on Google in the performance of the stock exchange, and began the Twitter platform in selling ads called promoted tweets, and has surpassed Apple to Microsoft to become the most valuable technology company in the world.

Now in the year 2019; and ask the aid sound smart to turn off the lights, remind us of appointments, we welcome robots in our homes, and plan to send missions to Mars, and help cars self-driving, also increased the height of our smartphone as a remote control in our lives, and we began to discuss the effects of 5G on our lives over the next decade, which will allow us to download movies in seconds rather than minutes.

It was a decade full of excitement; where is the way in which we live and work, as well as the way we played and interacted with each other. It also changed the way that we spend our time, whether we wanted it or not.

Here are the top 10 trends dominated the Central Technical during the current decade in descending order:

10 – services and participatory:

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أهم 10 توجهات سيطرت على الوسط التقني خلال العقد الحالي

During this decade increased services participatory such as: (Uber) Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb, where made to get a trip or finding a place to stay easier and cheaper than ever before. Increased power and impact of mobile applications with the advent of those companies, and their counterparts around the world, such as: DiDi in China, وGrab in South East Asia.

By the end of the decade; had Airbnb lists rooms than all the rooms available in the five largest hotel chains in the world community, and the availability of Uber, Lyft trips over 65% of the taxis in New York City.

9. the Airpods, wireless speakers:

أهم 10 توجهات سيطرت على الوسط التقني خلال العقد الحالي

It was among the most exciting innovations during this decade the decision of Apple in 2016 to remove headphone jack from iPhone 7, to in after most of the companies manufacturing smart phones with the same month in the phones main.

He defended Apple is moving the world to use wireless earbuds AirPods when launched for the first time in 2016, initially received Apple headphones a lot of criticism about the design is regular, and the high price they now became more and more models of wireless headsets commonly requested.

Reports suggest now that the Apple with the end of 2019 will sell 50 million units of headphones AirPods, making it the undisputed leader in a booming market right now with headphones on ear wireless excellent.

8 – a device to Amazon Echo, and Alexa:

أهم 10 توجهات سيطرت على الوسط التقني خلال العقد الحالي

Unlike the scorn and ridicule that greeted them headphones Apple AirPods in the beginning, there was welcome the first voice assistant in 2014, it was a Bluetooth headphones medium sized on the form of a Pringles can, she can answer some of the voice commands primitive.

But over time the machine became smaller and cheaper, and developers to increase skills that he can do, and it turns out that people liked to use their voice to adjust the time in the devices of the kitchen, and play music, control the weather, the news, where the question “Alexa” (the name you gave Amazon Assistant audio) turned into a cultural phenomenon.

Competed since then both Apple, Google, Microsoft catch up with Amazon, while Amazon in the development of the capabilities of the Alexa to check in a lot of other devices.

7. the wearable device:

ساعة آبل الذكية

In April 2015, Apple launched the first a wearable device is Apple Watch smart Apple Watch, and now have become the apple of a lot of competitors of them: Samsung, Fitbit, وGarmin, and also in the manufacturing of tracking devices, fitness famous to help us promote our activity daily by tracking vital measurements.

6 – Tesla and Leadership Program resume:

السيارات الذاتية القيادة

Use company Tesla Tesla electric car a place in this list despite selling less number of products than any other company in this list. But even though its sales are modest; the company paid the automotive industry forward through the development of electric cars and cars self-driving in the largest companies, the auto industry giant in the world.

In October 2015; about the Tesla car of its Model S into a self-driving car leave the “Autopilot”, and that was just one example on how to manage Tesla’s competition and acted like a technology company than a car manufacturer. However; the system and caused the Autopilot also in the occurrence of controversy, causing many of the accidents.

5 – technologies to help in the control and management of the three pillars of Health:

أهم 10 توجهات سيطرت على الوسط التقني خلال العقد الحالي

Is the collateral damage for the digital age in that we spend a long time sitting motionless, looking to the screens, which may cause significant adverse effects on our health.

Because people are becoming more aware of the risks posed by this, it has created a demand for technical solutions to assist in the control and management of the three pillars of health: exercise, diet, and sleep.

There are now a lot of tracking devices fitness, most notably: Apple Watch, Fitbit, and apps to track meals and calories such as: MyFitnessPal, وLose It. As well as apps and sleep tracking.

4 – video broadcast services:

خدمات بث الفيديو

Got Devices screen the best, and began a lot of watching video on phones and tablets, because the TVs are becoming smarter with the presence of the devices to the live broadcast, such as: Roku, وFire TV, and Apple TV, there are better ways to access movies and TV shows and choose what you want to share, so we no longer need to cable the TV the old.

Because the services such as: (Netflix) Netflix, وHulu, and HBO, YouTube and others filed broadcast applications that the granting of our written content fully in our grasp, it has become an old model to become a channel, or even record shows on the DVR less attractive.

3 – cloud computing, big data, andartificial intelligence:

 الحوسبة السحابية، والبيانات الضخمة، والذكاء الاصطناعي

Think of these techniques are tension the most important in our list today, they are existing technologies behind the scenes and all the other trends on this list.

Working these three techniques provide a lot of new possibilities and amazing in our devices, starting with the aid of digital photography in low light, and even the photos are backed up so that we can access them after that lose your phone.

Show these techniques in many products and services such as: Dropbox, or Google Drive, or (iCloud) iCloud from Apple or (OneDrive) OneDrive from Microsoft or (Alexa) Alexa from Amazon, or ( Assistant Google) Google Assistant.

2 – iPad, Chrome book, The era of the computer New:

After nearly a decade of denying Apple it’s working on a tablet computer, stop Steve Jobs on the stage in January 2010 and unveiled the first device (iPad) iPad, and that it would establish “an entirely new category of devices that will connect users to develop their relationships and their in a way more intimate, intuitive and fun than ever”.

At that time; many wondered Will this hardware replacement for computers, and has been for consumers the last word in terms of proven devices such as: iPad and(Chromebook) Chromebook from Google it is good enough for kids, students, parents, and others as a major. In some parts of the world became the smartphone itself is the first alternative to PCs.

1 – 4G LTE networks that put the world in your pocket:the

شبكات الجيل الرابع

In February 2011, when the company launched the HTC device is the HTC Thunderbolt that was a big leap forward ever in the field of phones. While devices Thunderbolt is good enough, the put it as the first phone that supports 4G LTE networks widely available in the United States is what made it so special.

Was your Thunderbolt works amazingly fast to load web pages, run videos, and download your podcast, and images attached to messages .

He quickly opened the networks of the fourth generation of a large number of new capabilities, ranging from running broadcast services over the phone, and hotspot, even applications that work in real-time such as: Uber, Google Maps, all of them had experiences very limited on the 3G phones.

Led experience the 4G that we saw for the first time on a Thunderbolt to make the smartphone an essential thing in our daily life throughout this decade. This is why there is a lot of enthusiasm about how to achieve greater progress with the fifth-generation networks 5G in the next decade.

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