The top 10 CEOs paid in the field of technical

Pointed new report issued by (the American Federation of work, and industrial organizations) AFL-CIO, to increase the salaries of chief executives of global companies listed under Index S&P 500 stock market by $ 500 thousand dollars annually during the past decade.

The average annual salary for the CEO through 2018 to $ 14.5 million, and at the same time; I have seen the functions of the officials of the production and control increase in wages amounted to $ 785 in the year, amounting to their average salary is 40 thousand dollars only in the year 2018.

Among the S&P 500 companies; and the company (Oracle) Oracle, and(PayPal) PayPal is among technology companies that pay their executives more than others.

The following are the top 10 heads of executive remuneration in the field of technology through 2018, according to (AFL-CIO), in descending order, where the first position at the end of the list:

10 – Ajay Banga Ajay Banga:

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Ajay Banga

  • CEO (Mastercard) Mastercard.
  • Annual salary: $ 20.4 million.

Assumption (Ajay) is the executive director of the company (Mastercard) in July of 2010, the company offers several support services via credit cards, operations management electronic commerce on the internet, he has worked (Ajay) to expand its presence globally.

Began to (Ajay) of his career in the company (Nestle) Nestlé India, where he worked for 13 years in functions including: sales, marketing, and public administration, he also spent two years in the company (PepsiCo).

9 – Brad Smith Brad Smith:


  • CEO (Intuit) software.
  • Annual salary: $ 21 million.

Joined the (will) to the company (Intuit) software in 2003, he held a series of executive positions over five years, has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the company in January 2008, and became chairman of the board of directors in January 2016, and under his leadership turned (Intuit) of a software company locally in North America and a global leader in the field of software.

It should be noted that (will) resigned from the post of President and CEO of Intuit at the end of 2018, after 11 consecutive years of success and progress.

8 – Chuck Robbins Chuck Robbins:

Chuck Robbins

  • Chairman of the board, president and CEO (Cisco) Cisco.
  • Annual salary: $ 21.3 million.

Assumption (Chuck) as chief executive in July 2015, he was elected president of the Governing Council in December 2017, and before joining (Cisco), fill Chuck, management positions in my company (Bay Networks) and(Ascend Communications).

7 – Pierre and Pierre Nanterme:

أعلى 10 رؤساء تنفيذيين أجرًا في مجال التقنية

  • Former CEO of Accenture.
  • Annual salary: $ 22.3 million.

Died (and), who led Accenture through 8 years as executive chairman on 31 January 2019, at the age of 59 years.

6 – Satya Nadella Satya Nadella:

أعلى 10 رؤساء تنفيذيين أجرًا في مجال التقنية 

  • CEO Microsoft.
  • Annual salary: $ 25.8 million.

Assumption (Satya) his current position at Microsoft 2014; a successor to the previous one (Steve Ballmer) who was the CEO of the company for 14 years.

Before occupying the current climate, it was (Satya) holds the position of Group Executive Vice President Microsoft cloud and enterprise, where he was responsible for building the computing platforms of the network, and running, developer tools, and cloud computing services, which excelled in the competition and has captured a large share of the market.

Joined Nadella to Microsoft in 1992, and quickly became known as a leader can develop a wide range of techniques, and products to compete in market technical.

5 – Marc Benioff Marc Benioff:


  • Founder, chairman of the board, and Chief Executive Officer and co-CEO of Salesforce.
  • Annual salary: $ 28.4 million.

The foundations of the (brand) company (Salesforce) in 1999 and is now one of the largest companies providing services in the field of (Customer Relationship Management) the CRM in the world, and relies on cloud computing in the management of its business and provide offers and services to its customers.

4 – Shantanu Narayen Shantanu Narayen:


  • CEO of global software (Adobe) Adobe.
  • Annual salary: $ 28.4 million.

Assumption (Shantanu) this home in 2007, after his work in the company for 7 years, the biggest challenge faced after taking over the region is to achieve stability of the company, which grew low in that time, has succeeded by transfer software Adobe Creative desktop versions only to the cloud, in addition to the establishment of the Department of digital marketing and leadership, where he is passionate about building teams and enabling them to support product innovation and to expand the scope of the work (Adobe) at the global level.

3 – Mike Laura Mike Lawrie:

Mike Lawrie

  • Chairman of the board, president and CEO (DXC laminar flow cabinets Technology).
  • Annual salary: $ 32.2 million.

Running (Mike) since 2017, and has more than 30 years of experience in the field of Information Technology, and management.

Think company (DXC laminar flow cabinets Technology) from the leading companies globally in the area of Information Technology Services Integrated, where serve about 6,000 clients from the public and private sector in 70 countries, belong to a variety of areas.

2 – Daniel Schulman Daniel Schulman:


  • CEO (PayPal) PayPal.
  • Annual salary: $ 38.8 million.

Joined (Daniel) to buy (PayPal) in 2014 to lead it in its next phase as an independent company, following the announcement of its separation from the site (eBay), where the focus (Daniel) on the development of services to the finance company thanks to his vast experience in the field of payments, and mobile devices.

1 – Mark Hurd Mark Hurd:

أعلى 10 رؤساء تنفيذيين أجرًا في مجال التقنية 

  • CEO (Oracle) Oracle.
  • Annual salary: 108.3 million.

Join (Hurd) to a company (Oracle) in 2010, and after 4 years was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the company; under his leadership the company has experienced a lot of growth and prosperity, and has invested heavily in cloud computing, whether through R & D investments, or the acquisition of new companies.

Before joining the company (Oracle), he(Hurd) holding the position of chairman of the board, and Chief Executive Officer of the company (HP) for five years, and before that spent 25 years in the company (NCR Corporation), where he served in many positions in management, sales, and marketing.

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