The tenth part of the Ukrainians to invest in cryptocurrencies

13 percent of Internet users own digital assets. The majority of Ukrainians know about Bitcoin and would like to invest in cryptocurrencies. The volume of trades on the three major cryptomeria of the country exceeded $ 2 million. It is reported by Bitcoin.

Ukrainians invest in Bitcoin

A survey about cryptocurrency held a Kantar company TNS, a local representative of a research firm Taylor Nelson Sofres. The survey took into account the responses of 1000 respondents aged from 18 to 55 years. The Ukrainians could answer the questions in the online form.

72 percent of respondents to the online survey confirmed that know about cryptocurrencies. 23 percent heard the name of the crypt in the news and only 5 percent do not understand the essence of digital assets. Men are more aware of Bitcoin (81%). The most advanced category were young people under 25 years (79%).

Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency among Ukrainians. Only 29 percent of respondents know about Lidoine and the Bitcoin Cache. 14 percent said about Dash, and another 6 percent had heard about NEM.

Another goal of the study, Kantar TNS is to find out how actively the citizens of a particular country use the cryptocurrency. About a tenth of the respondents own a crypt. Among them, 88 percent are gozlerimi Bitcoin and only 25 percent gave their preference to the fork BCH. The share of owners of the other altcoins do not exceed 18 percent.

The question of the opposition between Fiat and crypts divided the participants into three almost equal camps. One third believes that cryptocurrencies can be considered conventional money. Others reject this assumption, and others refrained from answering.

On this day time, all trading operations with currency and cryptocurrency exceeds $ 2 million. Most of these transactions have on the main crypto currency exchange of the country – Exmo, Kuna and BTC Trade UA. The statistics said the expert of the project Financial Sector Transformation Ekaterina Belous.

According to our data, about $ 80 million was invested in mining in Ukraine. About 90 thousands of Ukrainians own cryptocurrency. Most of them invested in digital assets in 2017.

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