The technology of smartphones with the power of thought

American consortium of BrainGate presented proprietary technology, which allows people with paralysis or disabilities of locomotor apparatus the ability to interact with smartphones and tablets without having to touch them. According to the creators, their development involves brain activity of users, literally allowing you to control the interface of mobile devices by thought.

The described technology uses miniature the Registrar of neural activity, which is attached to the head of the user. It reads brain signals that are interpreted into commands to control software smartphone or tablet. Due to this, users can not only launch and close applications, but even lead the conversation in messenger, share photos and videos as well as play and rewind music.

How to manage smartphones with paralysis

According to representatives of BrainGate, the interpretation of a neural signal happens so fast that allows you to dial by thought text with a speed of 30 characters per minute and to make up to 22 actions like giving consent to the sending of a message or switch between apps. This is a stunning result, considering that the user for this only need that to drive the eyes across the screen of the tablet, stopping look for a split second above the key with the desired letter or punctuation.

Development of technology of touch screen control is the power of thought was conducted for several years, are recognized as creators. The main challenge in its design was to give users with disabilities equal opportunities with ordinary people, which can easily be controlled with modern electronics. “With the latest decision of the BrainGate all you have to do is imagine as you hand press a particular key”, — admired Jaimie Henderson, a neurosurgeon at Stanford University who took part in the development.

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