The technique of artificial intelligence misdiagnosed diseases across the face

The technique of artificial intelligence are controversial, they can detect for genetic disorders that suffer from them, no matter how subtle or rare, depending only on the image of the face.

Artificial intelligence and genetic disorders

Require technology and medical science significantly, so that it is not surprising that the share of those modern technologies, which rely on artificial intelligence to determine the extent of genetic disorder that is suffered by each person for the image of his face, according to a study last.

Explained FDNA, a foundation of artificial intelligence and Medicine who headed the study referred to, that the artificial intelligence technology used recently, known as the “DeepGestalt”, succeeded during the tests in the discovery of a lot of problems and health disorders suffered by some people, by looking at the picture of the face.

Noted details of the study indicate that 8%of humans suffer from diseases related to genes, many of which can be detected through the properties of the face, to come the role of technology “DeepGestalt” that can be diagnosed, for example, injury to the patient syndrome are, a disorder that affects the nervous system, manifesting through a wide mouth teeth spaced eyes look in different directions, or maybe tongue very prominent.

Warning of the penetration of privacy

At the time of confirming the Chief Executive, Department of Technology Foundation FDNA author of the study, Yaron Gurovich, on the role of technology DeepGestalt perspective and stimulus to conduct more research that will help in the diagnosis of many genetic disorders, hints the researcher with a number of scientists to risk, combined with new revelations.

Researchers suggest that under the ease of access of personal health of any human being was, it is contained to some use that she dumped me in order to know the health needs of others, without their knowledge, the means to penetrate the privacy of a lot of patients, which warned of the recent study clearly.

It was the research group of the institution of FDNA, has used for the development of recent technical بـ17000 image, about patients, about 200 genetic disorder is different, as it has managed through that medical data that is available to accomplish the latter, who could be the ideal means in order to diagnose diseases in the near future.

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