The teachers blame the game for free to increase the violence in schools

I’ve always been violence in video games is a controversial topic, where were fought many of the arguments about whether it leads to increase violence in real life, it seems that this is what prompted a number of teachers recently to if game free on the growing violence in schools.

This comes after receiving a report on the leadership of one of the children aged 10 years in the area of South Ayrshire Scottish drag knife while he was in the school playground, which led to the request of the police immediately confiscated the knife from him before any injuries fortunately, despite the feeling of teachers is deeply concerned about this extremely serious act.

Despite the increased pace of the debate about the possibility to influence games to increase the level of violence in children, but it is unclear how this can be free is responsible for such a position, but that may be because being one of the most popular games in schools currently.

This is interesting that there are different ways to how come some parents with the love of their children for the famous game, where some say the appointment of tutors to improve the capacity of their children in the game, hoping to become heroes once e-sports, while others send their children to psychiatric facilities for the games after the Note number of the many hours spent in front of the screen.

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