The task of the search for the spiritual father of the Internet – the first part

مهمة البحث عن الأب الروحي للإنترنت - الجزء الأول

Uses the term “spiritual father” or “Godfather” to describe a person who founded of the areas or Abdul paved the way for to come after and benefit from its impact, but there are areas it can be difficult to find him the “father of soul” single, there are numerous people over the years have contributed to the revitalization of the Council building to its foundations, and it is these areas (the internet), that’s the word that changed the course of humanity and make them able to communicate and participate, but it is a technique that allowed Non-humans to communicate among themselves (Internet of things).

In relation to the Internet, you will find the use of the word (pioneers) or (Pioneers) More than the term “spiritual father”, because the Internet has gradually evolved and contributed to the establishment of rules of many researchers and specialists have been allocated the free encyclopedia “Wikipedia” page is a list of the most important pioneers of the internet, an article that was not translated into Arabic yet, here we are not going to be our role just education, but research-as is clear from the title of the article – exploration, in the completion of everyone of those to find out how close or after the title “godfather of the internet”.

In each part of this series, we will explore 3 of the pioneers of the early internet, a glimpse of the life of their University of their achievements, and some other sources for anyone who wants to learn more about them.

Claude Shannon

The words you are reading now has been converted from its digital form can be understood by humans, they basically have turned from words to (digital format), when I typed across the keyboard of the small computer, not the words, but all the contents of this page of graphics, photos, forms, the whole was stored mainly in digital format, and when I say (no) we mean the set of (zeros way)Because this is the only way you can handle the machine with data, of whatever type, both when stored or transported, if the internet and computers in general rely mainly on “dance city”, and digitization rely on research barrier Claude Shannon.

I was “Shannon’s” a mathematician, a paved tennis court, an electronics handyman, presented to the world his paper of “A Mathematical Theory of Communication” in 1948, which established a new way to interact, and in which the author of the(bit) which is a unit of measurement of the data stored or sent, a term that is still used until the present day. (8 bits constitute a byte, and Albania represents one letter of the letters of the language).

Researchers and experts that we were going to be late for where we are development of technology and the number of my twenty or 30 years without the research of Claude Shannon, we’ve introduced early in those systems that turned the table on her head and she came up with a new idea contributed in getting rid of the computers and the old contact which was based on the method of analogue (analog) to connect to a digital way is a representation of the algebra Boolean but in a way understood by the machine.

Graduate Claude Shannon of the University of Michigan in 1936 and a study of two scholarly: in mathematics and electronics engineering, and then began after a master’s thesis at MIT in electronics engineering, and near the computers, old Analog (Analog computer) which performs its functions in a complex manner, which led him to think in another way for those computers, I have written a master’s thesis which paved the way later for the production of digital circuits (electronics and digital) which is the basis of the digital world in which we live today.

Not the Claude Shannon a direct contribution to the development of the internet, but it’s nicknamed the Father millstones software in general, as he didn’t really know the important impact that he left it in contemporary life of today, has got Alzheimer’s disease in his last years and died in 2001 before to be born the iPhone. It was one of his students (Ivan Sutherland), who is considered one of the pioneers of the internet also.

  • Documentary in English about him and his achievements
  • Video offers one of his inventions (smart mouse)
  • His English the free encyclopedia

Paul Baran
(1926 – 2011)

The internet is based on communications technology and networks, the development of the situation in these two fields allowed to get to where we are today, the development of Communications has passed the stages of many were not of great importance especially on the level of war during World War II and the Cold War, it is little wonder that human after being able to provide a mechanism for communication with a human of his brother and the human, to think in the connection to the computer of his brother and the situation, and at this point was born a new science called “network computer” or “Computer Networks”

Think “Paul Baran” is one of the pioneers who contributed to the development of the network and contribute with others in the creation of the first computer network was used in the military field, which was named “prior to” or “ARBAnet” which can be considered one of the early forms of what is now the internet.

After joining the rand Corporation research which was serving the U.S. armed forces, there was the problem seeks to solve, namely the possibility of the survival of the communication network in the event of an attack with nuclear weapons, it has been the communication networks used in that period which reached military units to each other, are either network Radio short wave or a dial-up network wired, these two networks can give them simply because of the nuclear bomb.

Solution was the “Paul Baran” outstanding in his paper “On Distributed Communications”, published in 1964, the idea simply does not rely on the communication of the central or quasi-central, but there will be a network of carrier and communications between them, and send the call or data package form subject to it, or how to explain it himself in this video.

That idea, although it focuses on communication and aims to serve the military, but it has had a major impact in the development of the Science of computer network as well as paved the way for the emergence of the network, which can be considered as the initial form of the internet, which was “prior to” or “ARPANET” which was established with the aim to connect researchers at several centers in the United States of America.

  • Page definition in the free encyclopedia
  • Watch some of his videos on YouTube.

Donald Davis
(1924 – 2000)

Moving from America to Britain, but will not leave that decade, when he was trying to “Paul Baran” to convince the major telecom companies with his idea of a revolutionary that, there was a global scholar in another part of the world spins in the same circle, it’s a matter of “packet-switched” in the data transmission or “Packet switching” developed “Donald Davis” which has become a key concept in the work of the networks and the internet today.

He began his career in 1947 when he was appointed in the “feel the force” in the UK, has seen the “Alan Turing”, who founded his computer giant’s “Turing machine” during World War II, a machine that opened a field for the computer algorithms. Then the opportunity for “the Donald” that takes advantage of that machine in that it goes beyond that, preferably in computers and with each other.

Bought the “Donald” in the draft and multiple having to do with computers and computing, but professional achievement done which the impact then on the development of computer networks, is developed the idea of “packet-switched” in 1965, which was then used in the creation of the first computer network in the world prior to and codified in the Protocols of the internet which is still used even today.

  • Page profile about him in the Encyclopedia open
  • Video brief about him and his achievements
  • For more information about: Packet switching

Thus to conclude this report at this pronunciation, and stop in that period after that become the way clear, the way in which you can connect computers remote data transfer between them, and in the second part of this series, God willing, we’ll get to know the characters contributed in turning those ideas and research into reality, contributed to the creation of the first computer network of the real world.

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