The system of social rating in China is to punish willful scientists

To take control of the distribution, that is to say, scientific self-will — commit scientific misconduct that may cause a resonance in society and ethics — the Chinese government is expanding its contradictory system of social ranking, including its violations perpetrated by scientists. This plan may scare some scientists, however, the likelihood of abuse of scientific authority is real. “Chinese scholars who commit academic violations may soon be able to get a Bank loan to establish a company or apply for admission to public service,” writes David Cyranoski of Nature News.

Previously, the Ministry of science of China and its universities had the right to do justice and punish the offenders of scientists, but now “dozens of government agencies” has the right to impose penalties. Therefore, in addition to the loss of funding and awards, scientists now face restrictions outside of academia and in fields that have nothing to do with the research.

Social punishment in China

Apparently, this is a reaction to a stunningly irresponsible experiment of the Chinese scientific Hye Cisangkuy, details of which, we were told. He admitted that he used the tool to edit the genes of CRISPR/Cas9 to modify human embryos, which are now the twins, despite the immature state of the technology. In addition, the scientist conducted a study in secret and was not able to go through the normal channels. The Chinese government shut down the project Xe and launched an investigation. He is currently missing. Rumor has it that it holds the government of China.

The announcement that the social ranking of China will now include scientists, of course, is consistent with this episode, however, the new policy is an attempt to eradicate the scientific offence in the scientific community of China as a whole. For example, there were widespread reports that Chinese researchers fake data, falsifiziert summary and fake reviews.

China is in the process of implementation of wide and lifelong system of social ranking, the credo which doubles as a “once unreliable — permanently restricted”, according to President XI Jinping. The system was launched in 2013 and currently includes 10 million people. Fully implement in the next two to three years and will include 22 million.

The essence of the program is to celebrate people who break laws, rules or social norms, and then to limit their access to certain services and programs, like obtaining loans. In the end, the program will target minor offenses like crossing the street in the wrong place, failure to appear for booking at the restaurant, stowing away. Bonus points will be awarded to people who donate blood, collect garbage or doing volunteer work.

The essence of the system is to eradicate corruption and lawlessness, while simultaneously promoting prosocial behavior. But the use of such a system in a one-party state and quasiculture a concern.

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