The system of artificial intelligence that detects more than 50 disease of the eye

نظام ذكاء اصطناعي يكتشف أكثر من 50 مرض يصيب العين

In the shadow of the massive development and the overlapping of technology in different walks of life, and the urgent need to stick more in the medical field, which is already where we see the learning systems of artificial intelligence to disease diagnosis slowly, as if she’s a doctor, which looks like it will be available on our soon in the hospitals.

The closest example so a group of researchers from the University College in London Foundation Deepmind force working in partnership with the largest eye hospital in Europe and North America (Moorfields Eye), who created software system can diagnose more than 50 a disease, infect the eye, through the scanning of three-dimensional work, which helps in the description of the treatment the patient rapidly.

This work is considered as a result of intensive cooperation by the institutions of the three for years, and this system software is now ready for use in clinics, however, will take his place in the hospitals within years.

And Project Description in the medical journal Nature Medicine, it mainly depends on the system of deep learning, based on the number of large and complex algorithms that are used for the different patterns of data, where that data is the output of the three-dimensional work, using the technique of the optical tomography (OCT)And this process approximately 10 minutes, is parroting the rays close to the infrared in the dark for the interior work, which is working to create three-dimensional images of the tissue, which is considered a common way to use to provide eye safety, in addition to provide OCT which is an early detection of diseases that affect the eye.

Said system software 15000 CT optical eyes 7500 sick, during a comparison test the performance of artificial intelligence with a diagnosis by a committee composed of 8 doctors, experience has shown that the system gave the same recommendations, providing up to 94%.

While these results are encouraging but a lot of experts and specialists of the process of integrating such systems in preventive practices, seems to be the biggest challenge in finding an appropriate mechanism to stick in the medical work direct, with high safety to prevent any mistakes that may have dire consequences in the case of complete dependence on the system in diagnosis.

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