The Swiss taught robots ANYmal rhythmically to “light” music

Swiss robotics at ETH Zurich, developed a four-legged robot ANYmal, trained his ward new tricks. The updated software of the machine allows it to dance to the music. The robot not only produces a predetermined course of action, it analyzes the tempo of the music and tries to synchronize with their movement.

The robot ANYmal we wrote last year. In fact, four-legged machine was developed a few years before that, however, “bringing it to mind” it took some time. Overall ANYmal similar to other robots developed by other companies, for example, Boston Dynamics. True Swiss robodog much lighter than their American counterparts. It weighs only about 30 pounds versus 110 pounds at BigDog from Boston Dynamics.

Robots with the structure have a high capacity and capable of operating on difficult surfaces. For ANYmal answer 12 electric motors, through which he can move his legs in almost any direction. It also includes a battery for Autonomous operation within two hours.

The scheme is one of the modifications of the robot ANYmal

Previously, developers demonstrated how the robot is able to move through forests, pipes and even to climb the steep stairs, but now they found it a less serious application. ANYmal taught to dance to the music. To do this, engineers have written software that analyzes music in real-time and determines the tempo. The robot then selects the appropriate pattern of movements from the database, adjusting to the pace. During the dance the robot constantly sinhroniziruete their movements with the music. When you change the musical motives change and the movement of the machine. Of course, given the overall limitation of motion and plastics.

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