The Supreme court overturned the blocking of the site on cryptocurrency

In the summer of 2016 the Vyborg court of St. Petersburg decided to lock a resource about cryptocurrency. The owner tried to appeal the decision of the city court, but the appeal was canceled. After blocking, the owner decided to go to the Supreme court of Russia. As it turned out, not in vain, as the judges sided with the Creator.

The end of an era block websites on cryptocurrency

Russia’s Supreme court overturned the decision to block the website About this informed the journalist of RBK, which was present in the courtroom. Now the case was sent for another appellate review in the St. Petersburg city court.

The event was commented by lawyer Sarkis Darbinyan.

We expected the consideration of including on the merits. However, the court left the question of determining the legal status of cryptocurrencies and considered only the procedural violations. But even so, we believe that the decision is very important, because there is a systemic problem of prosecutorial blocking of websites in which don’t even involve the site owners, literally deprived of the right to protection. The Supreme court says that now, if the lock is not attracted to their owners, their rights recognized and undisturbed the decision is subject to unconditional cancellation.

We will remind, two years ago, the decision to block was motivated by the danger of information on the site. According to the judge, it “undermines the constitutional order and the credibility of Russia” and “violates the rights and legitimate interests of an indefinite circle of persons who access illegal and information therefore is subject to the restriction”.

The news is good. Hopefully in the future the courts will be careful with decisions like that.

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