The Supreme Court confirm that consumers can sue Apple because of the monopoly of sale of applications

The Supreme Court confirmed in United States of America that the American consumers they can sue Apple for every sold app on the App Store the famous App Store under laws against monopoly in the country.

The court said it would allow users to sue Apple in relation to the laws of friction in the App Store, where it is these people that Apple take 30% on every sale from the Apple Store by force unjustly and that a monopoly is illegal because there is no place else to time to sell applications on the iOS is the Apple App Store.

These fraudulent practices force developers to raise the price of their apps to meet the commission Apple in addition to encourage a lot of stuff in non-interest users such as increased rates.

The case is still in its infancy but it is very sensitive and influenced by shares of Apple directly fell more than 5% during the last moments so you may be trading this topic on a wider scale throughout the coming days in America and Europe.


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