The success of the establishment of the jailbreak for iOS 13.1.1 through the gap last

Today revealed the developer and the hackers Axi0mX about a new vulnerability in the iOS system, carrying the name “Checkm8” derived from the word checkmate in chess. This loophole allows anyone to make a jailbreak for any iPhone works processors Apple A down to Apple A11 Bionic user in iPhone X and 8.

Published developer video for iPhone X while it is running after the completion of the week with the appearance of clear changes on the system, online (JailBreak) is to break the protection to your Apple iPhone which allows the user complete freedom in the management of the system and like to root Android phones.

Interesting is really impressive is that the phone is running iOS 13.1.1 is the latest release from Apple, but on the other hand the phone depends on the computer in the implementation of iOS, which means that the phone must be connected to the computer each time it is run any of that sort we can describe the week that is not complete but it is expected that the developer solve this problem easily.

The developer has installed iOS in just two seconds! He added that this gap is non-expandable since they depend on the hardware itself which is the processor in this case, it means that Apple is not able to close this gap with no updates coming.

Source: 9to5Mac

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