The study found that players Fortnite spent on average 84.67$ in the game

Fortnite Battle Royale

Game Fortnite Battle Royale from the company Epic Games are very much popular in all over the world, this is probably due to a number of factors including the way you play as well as the fact that it is free. But as is the case with most free games, there are many removable elements for purchase within the game which help the developer to generate profits, and don’t think the game Fortnite exception.

In fact, the company announced Epic Games recently to game Fortnite has reaped US $ 100 million on the iOS platform alone, This of course is impressive considering the fact that the game was launched only a few months ago. However, the question still remains is how spent the players in the game? Well, according to a survey conducted by the foundation LendEDU recently, it was found that the average players Fortnite spent 84.67$ for each of them.

Among those who spent money on the game, said 58.9% of them they spent their money on cosmetic items, and said 18.06% of them they spent the money to get the gliders, while explained 13.52% of them they spent their money to get the tools of combat, while spending 9.52% of them money on the game for getting emotions or animated graphics. Accordingly, it is not surprising that it seems many players are happy to abandon their money within the game.

In case if you don’t know that, however Fortnite is available on iOS devices and the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, and PC and Nintendo Switch, there are also plans to bring this game to the Android platform in the summer of this year which means more money to buy Epic Games.


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