The study find that the games will flow more for your Nintendo Switch in 2018


One of the reasons that led to the failure of the Nintendo Wii U, find said games designed for this device, there have been many developers who have announced their refusal to develop games for this device. Even games that were available for this device were up at varying times and typically is not consistent, this means that there was a limited assortment of games that players can choose from.

However, it does not seem that your Nintendo Switch suffering from this problem. According to reconnoiter conducted recently at the Game Developers Conference which has been in poll opinions about 4,000 people specialized in this sector, it seems that the developers will create more games four times for your Nintendo Switch in 2018, compared with the previous year.

This represents a tremendous leap, especially when you consider the fact that in the year 2017, he said only 3% of the developers that they were working on new games for your Nintendo Switch, and that number has now jumped to 12%. Got your Nintendo Switch also on the interest of a large number of developers, he said 36 percent of the developers that they are interested in development for the Nintendo Switch, a percentage that don’t stray too far from the version that achieved by the device Playtation 4 which amounts to 39%.

This positive sense direction of the device Nintendo Switch is not surprising, especially when you look at the games currently available for this device, such as Skyrim and DOOM and Wolfenstein and Minecraft and Rocket League, etc. from other games. It is also expected that the work device Nintendo Switch in its first year in the market exceeded the overall sales won a Nintendo Wii U so far.


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