The student hacked the servers of the Apple and downloaded 90 GB of data

Student one of the high schools in Melbourne have managed to hack Apple servers and to access 90 GB of sensitive data including Bank account information of users and authorization keys. It is reported by local newspaper the Age. The student was made virtual raids during the year, having made several successful attacks.

According to The Age, Apple turned to the FBI with the requirement to investigate incidents of hacking the company’s servers, which store sensitive data about users. Investigation revealed that the security services of 16-year-old teenager who, using their own methods to bypass encryption, overcame a defense of Apple.

Hack Apple

“[As a result of investigative action] the teenager had been seized two laptops, whose serial numbers corresponded to those that had carried out the attack, — the statements of the prosecution. — The purpose of [the accused] was remote connecting to the internal systems of the company Apple”.

As it turned out in the course of the hearing, all the files that the student failed to download from Apple servers, it is stored on your computer in a folder with a symbolic name “hacked hacking hacking”. According to his own statement, he attacked the company’s servers just because from early childhood dreamed of working at Apple.

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