The strongest action games for Android phones and iPhone 2019

Continue the confrontation with five action games another distinctive .

First : KUBOOM

The gaming environment remember our game canter strike Old like other games the aiming perspective of the first person, you can play against your friends, with the possibility of composition of team and cooperation to beat the other team, the nice thing about this game is that it allows the choice of Otto Schott in case you are a beginner, where enough for you to shoot the opponent with your gun and it will shoot automatically without any movement of you, but of course you can modify your option through the settings, the game by more than two dozen map carefully designed and balanced with fifty different units of weapons and guns, And not to forget the equivalent of five and forty suit to customize your character to your mood, game free with purchases inside their device and IOS .

KUBOOM Android


Secondly : STANDOFF 2

What most distinguishes this game from its competitors from the games aiming the perspective of the first person is the frequent styles that you can play and different rules and ways to play in each style, this will make you won’t you ever get tired of the game, there is a style of death match, this with the possibility of playing you and your friends and chat with them within the game, whether text or audio, there is also a large number of knives and grenades and new weapons, but this allows you to several tournaments and competitions to participate in, and won multiple awards, the game is available for free for both Android and IOS with purchases inside it .

STANDOFF 2 Android



Let’s take a short break with a game of action and perception of the future, the gaming environment and characters you’ll see in this game different from all the previous games, the story is set around some of the alien creatures that have invaded planet Earth and you are there for the protection of the planet and humans from this deadly menace, the game gives you everything you want, the possibility of cooperation with your friends and play status multi-player, choose from among six hundred different gun, chat with your friends and your allies with rewards you get after every action or task you do, The game is available for free on Android and IOS with the purchases inside .




In a mixture between the action and the excitement and mystery and horror you’ll explore an underground laboratory you found yourself without any tools to help you to it is power and the flashlight, you have to fire on anything suspicious you find in front of you to move to the advanced levels, there are up to seven level difficult to be overcome by all to be the hero of the game Real, graphically, and the characters are the only thing we didn’t like in the game where it’s less of the games in the list, you can try the game for free on Android and IOS .




We reviewed earlier the game aiming the perspective of the first person on the car, now came the turn of the war planes, can control the balance during flight and fending off the blows of your enemy and shooting him at the same time, the game is online which you can play with players from different parts of the world either alone or with a group of your friends, you decide, the game allows you also the possibility to customize your plane how you want with a choice of seven two another model, the game is available for free on Android and IOS .



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