The strangest wearable devices in 2018

The subject of the strangest wearable devices in 2018 appeared on Engadget.

The development of the wearable devices so much in recent years, has increased the possibilities of sensors over the years, even appeared wearables can be considered medical devices. At this year’s CES was presented a lot of wearables technology pioneer, which can have a significant impact on your life, this is the best wearable devices that are displayed in the exhibition.

Device Omron HeartGuide

Omron HeartGuide

Device company Omron seems like hours fitness flat circular Bracelet Black thick; but this device has a tracker for blood pressure allows you to know the readings subtly without anyone noticing. The device keeps track of steps, the rate of calories burned and distance traveled; and in the case of the device to read the pressure is the pressure around the wrist to improve reading. Measuring device HeartGuide also blood pressure during sleep, explains the company that gives you the data set more complete and give it to the doctor to follow your condition.

And wait for the company Omron FDA approval on the device, so there is no information about pricing and date availability.

Device Forerunner 645 Music from the Garmin

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

Garmin make some of the best fitness devices for runners; but she did not by the evaluation device with a storage capacity of music. However, the company did at CES detects the device its new Forerunner 645 Music, which allows you to store lists of music to listen to while jogging without having to connect to the internet without the need to carry a smart phone to listen to music. Device Garmin new more expensive price than competitors such as the Apple watch the second generation or a Fitbit Ionic; but the device Forerunner 645 Music gives you the advantage of follow-up training, which option is not available with this hardware competition.

Stickers for Spire Health Tags

Spire Health Tags

The first wearable device from the company Spire was a stone of the mind small can hang it up in lingerie for community development and assistance in understanding the levels of stress even more; but the police this time more variety. So, Spire Health Tags are stickers wearable can be glued inside the underwear to keep track of vital functions such as heart rate, heart rate variability and development. This information remains focused on the mind; but also track activity accurately.

The company wants to be these tags health able to diagnose Sleep Apnea and alert users who show symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Posters Health Tags are an option for people who work or play in the playgrounds where they can’t wear fitness tracking devices from their wrist.

Posters Health Tags are now available at a price of $ 49 for a poster to reality, or you can buy a set of 8-for $ 199, or a set of 15 for $ 299.

Helmet hear coros Omni

Coros Omni

Want company hear coros in streamlining the efforts of cyclists to stay safe on the road through a single solution, which is the helmet Omni smart bike smart. The most important characteristic of a helmet Omni is the open sound system through independence great, which enables you to make calls and listen to music at the same time hear everything that is around you including cars, cyclists the other. Featuring the helmet of the existence of the sensor to shocks, which should be contact in case of emergency on your smart phone with given map for you if you know the shock level of 1G or higher. In addition to that Floor by the light strips on the back to make you more visible in the dark. The helmet will be available later this winter at a price of $ 200.

Tool UV Sense from L’Oreal

L’Oreal UV Sense

Provided a wearable device for protection from the sun, where the company evaluates sensor for electronic adhesive UV rays can paste it on your thumb to measure the amount of UVA and UVB rays. Most people know when they drink for a long time; but the tool L’Oreal UV Sense disclose rays are invisible and can cause cancer and signs of early aging, even when it’s cloudy outside.

You can paste the tool on your thumb for up to two weeks before having to put more adhesive, and can store up to three months of data. The chip you link sensors to your phone, where you can sync and download the data. Didn’t L’Oreal announcement yet on the pricing date.

Cleaner Solos smart Solos Smart Glasses

Solos Smart Glasses

Will Solos bringing to the screen the pattern on the screen of the Google to put them in sunglasses; to give you data about exercise jogging, Cycling.

Support a system of Solos Smart Glasses screen augmented reality above the right eye, Walt show you the stats of your training from your smart phone. Glasses don’t track anything on their own, but they make it easy to display information from your phone, and the internal speaker Built-in reading distance and speed and other statistics if you prefer to hear it rather than display it. System new comfortable and Sunglasses Sports.

May be try to focus on a small screen within the glasses is not convenient for runners and cyclists, but the company’s representative at CES explained they’re not going to its observation in the foundation after a short period of use. You will be issued with glasses Solos smart this spring at a price of $ 499.

Shirt Xenoma E-Skin

Xenoma E-Skin

Shirt Xenoma E-Skin, which will remain priced at $ 500 is a tool for learning in games, it’s the shirt contains 14 sensor allows you to control the movement video games that play them. In a demo at CES appeared one of the players wearing a shirt Xenoma E-Skin which is to say move the character in the game dance.

Work Xenoma on the application of fitness and health for the shirt, so you can in the future to track The stats of your training or help hospitals monitor patients. The company offers package development tools to software developers, can buy a t-shirt and package developers at a price of $ 5000 must reading from March.

Shoes E-Vone Smart Shoes

E-Vone Smart Shoes

Shoes E-Vone smart by a number of sensors which include a measure of industrialization, the gyroscope and the system pressure as well as system to determine the geographical location of the ROM. If you know the person to fall the device will send the alarm contact of the emergency as well as for the fall, will be the person wearing the shoe vibration, indicating that alerts have been sent.

The shoe is currently available in the United States; but while the legitimate version of the shoe with $ 150 in addition to $ 20 Extra for the service.

Shoes Sensoria Vivobarefoot

Sensoria Vivobarefoot

Company offers the Sensoria shoes intelligent sensors to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of your style of jogging, and now the company has entered into a partnership with Vivobarefoot – a company that offers shoes without cushions the foot to simulate the feeling of bare foot barefoot – to put sensors Sensoria in the Running Shoes design barefoot.

Shoes Bluetooth Vivo by the 4 sensors integrated with a shoe to measure speed, pace, distance, and how to set foot on the ground and other data that can help you improve the style of your run. And shoes Vivobarefoot smart the same analysis done by smart Sports shoes of the other; but the design of shoes barefoot.

It is planned to launch these shoes in the third quarter of the year; but there is no information about pricing.


The subject of the strangest wearable devices in 2018 appeared on Engadget.

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