The strangest fantasies about the design of the iPhone 11

We can’t lose sight of anything new published about Apple devices coming even if it’s tiny details. Over the course of time is either leaking again or the perception of what will be the upcoming devices. But of course we are not talking about any design and published because some have the imagination of exchange and illogical. Just want someone to report depicting all without thinking does that make sense or not. Strange that sometimes waiting for these designs there are one to believe. In this article we But design fiction is very To The some of these playoffs not logical but it is beautiful as the view.

أغرب التخيلات عن تصميم الآي فون 11

One of the people making perception to the design of iPhone 11 in accordance with the arrangements of the company is Steve Hemmerstoffer, known on Twitter as OnLeaks. This is the best looking to now for-iPhone 11 your hands.

What are the salient points of?

Known to everyone that the re-design of the new rear camera is the salient point in IP devices-the upcoming iPhone. Since Apple gave up on its competitors in the export, this could lead the design to fruition and change people for its form if made apple jump large enough in this area.

In view of this disposition, we find it has been changed the mechanism of action of mute button from the above, from the vertical to the horizontal method. It is believed that Apple wants to standardize the language of their own design, said the transfer of key books from an iPad to iPhone and not vice versa.

In another place, will retain the Apple design language, the special any-iPhone X and XS of the third generation of family X. While the focus design, which with us on the continuation of the tactic of Apple in trying to hide the sheet using the custom wallpapers for it. You will note the same size as the previous generations almost. Despite the fact that competitors submitted designs, much less reached the size of a drop of water, and some of them did remove it completely like a phone for OnePlus 7 Pro –Link-.

As for internally, we know that Apple has very few changes. Include wireless charging reverse, this would be something very useful for charging other accessories that support wireless charging, as well as processor Apple A13 completely new. And evaluation of the second generation of the Face ID, and greater RAM, and other improvements.

It should also be noted that IP devices-the new iPhone will be slightly thicker, which may mean an increase in the size of the battery, which it is hoped will have a lot of people after failing in the lining of the XS and XR the current.

Still the design of the iPhone 11 far from the best design of iPhone “iPhone 4” and wish to hear words such as “Hello iPhone 4” the iPhone killer. It might be next year is the second transitional period, because Apple is planning to escalate the matter and perhaps work to provide “More New Things”.

Imagine the crazy docking-iPhone

Although the design of the former may be acceptable but here’s the design of the building on the disciplines only:

Instead of a metal frame between the front and rear of the device, find the screen wraps around the entire device. And replace the buttons to the competence of the touch on the sides of the phone plus some other shortcuts. Watch the video:

Certainly this idea about the completely non-feasible and can be a phone of this shape and design, you will not be fit for use the disease, not to mention the price and its repair and its cost.

What do you think about these disciplines docking iPhone? And for Apple to take them into account? Tell us in the comments.


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