The strangest Android smartphones

Android smartphones are different. There are powerful and productive flagships, it has a strong “serednjachki” or devices the budget price segment. There are gadgets that are focused on design and appearance. But apart is another type of devices: smartphones, looking at that I want to say “what are you?”. And, though the design is a solid improvement, today we decided to talk about the strange and unusual Android smartphones.

Android smartphones are like that…

The contents

HTC First — the First among the strange

The first item on our list is the HTC First, which was by no means the first device of the company. And certainly was not the first Android-smartphone from HTC. But looking at it, you can say, “Well, what’s wrong with that. Think of the name!” But look a little closer. HTC First is the first (and presumably only) Facebook phone. The shell of the smartphone forced users to interact with all the elements of the gadget through the Facebook interface. I do not need to say how it’s “convenient.”

The Kodak Ektra Is the camera? This is a phone?

Kodak, which stopped making digital cameras in 2012, decided that’s a good idea to release a smartphone with a…digital camera. Kodak Ektra really looked unusual, and the number of accessories and all made it feel like a vintage camera. But the pictures he did were just terrible. And when you consider that the gadget came in 2016 when smartphone cameras were just climbing to its peak, the chances of Kodak was not simple.

Motorola Flipout Phone in the square

The Motorola Flipout had a 2.8-inch square display. In fact this description is enough to understand that this idea is unlikely to pay off. And apparently the leadership was not enough, as the engineers have tried their best and made the smartphone “slider”. Pushing back the screen, you have access to a full-sized QWERTY keyboard. That’s great if you consider that the size of “Claudia” as much as 2.8 inches. And some fancy smartphones do you know? Tell us about it in our chat in Telegram.

The first iPhone shipped in 2007, marking the beginning of the era of touchscreen smartphones. The first version of Android was released in 2008. In 2011 the whole world with bated breath watch the release of the iPhone 4s, and Samsung starts selling Galaxy S2. What makes this time NTS, knowing all of the above and having the almost ready to use Adroid OS? Produces THIS. Start selling button smartphone with the design of the mid-2000s and running the OS from Google in 2011? What they all had hoped?

Casio G’zone Commando — Impenetrable bad

Casio G’zone Commando (pronounced “jeez one”) was one of the few smartphones released by the Japanese company NEC Mobile Communications. Despite the terrible name and a strange design, was the gadget and significant plus — it was one of the most durable phones available in 2011. Lock button located on the bottom where a normal person no one finger, strange faces, which can’t hold on… Maybe that’s why the gadget was shockproof? To shamelessly throw it against the wall?

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