The story of the evolution of phones and innovations during the 36-year-old

Phones currently have become an essential part of our daily lives, but even up to what it is now, it has been through a lot of developments, either in design or in the capacity of the operating system, and follow them from the variables, here’s what happened.

Released the first phone in the market in 1983, a Motorola DynaTAC 8000x, given the design decoder the size of his huge. and weighs approximately 1 kg, and the capacity of the system does not exceed 30 minutes of contact, and eight hours of standby.

Motorola DynaTAC 8000x

After 5 years he released another device which is Motorola Muir TAC 9800x, the smaller the size, which is the first device with the movable lid, and a weight of less than 500 g, the additional features in the system are the possibility of storing 30 digits with 30 hours in a place of readiness.

Motorola MicroTAC 9800x

In the early nineties appeared Nokia on the scene with the phone the Nokia 1011, the design is smaller in size and convenient for hand over, with the screen enough line to write, as this was the first phone that uses digital networks rather than analog supports text messages.

Nokia 1011

In 1996, Nokia launched a phone it 8110, who got his fame from the movie The Matrix in 1999, marked phone the size of a little open slider, and weight light (145 g only). And this device is a series of phones small size of the new possibilities such as ringtones and games, such as the 5110 and more phones popular Nokia 3310.

Nokia 8110

Nokia 3310

In the beginning of the 21st century started, companies such as Sony Ericsson, Samsung and LG emerge significantly with phones with dual-screen, where you get to some notifications on the external screen without having to unlock the phone such as your Samsung SGH-T100, and at this time began the emergence of color screens, cameras, compact phones and enable WAP phone to access to copy a primitive from the internet, and with the passage of time has become phones Support MP3 players, the possibility to download content from the internet, and a phone the Droid Razr from Motorola is an example.

Samsung SGH-T100

Between 2004 and 2006, began the emergence of the term “smart phones”, where the phones have become running the GPS, became a support e-mail and play music and take photos of reasonable quality like a phone Sony Ericsson W810i.

Sony Ericsson W810i

In conjunction with that Smart started a company BlackBerry support QWERTY keyboard with devices Palm to facilitate writing text messages and e-mail, and by other companies such as Samsung, Motorola and HTC.

The Palm Treo

In 2007 Apple launched the first iPhone, which represents a huge lift in the design language and capabilities of the system, where was the screen supports multi-touch and one button only to.

Apple iPhone

In the following year was released the HTC Dream is the first device that supports Android platform from Google, and combines the moving screen supports multi-touch and a QWERTY keypad below it, where it wasn’t the Android system supports a touch keyboard, but not with the same efficiency of BlackBerry phones.

HTC Dream

In 2010 Samsung launched the first smartphone series Galaxy S, and began the smart phone take the direction of increase in the size of the screen so it’s easy to use and content more closely, which led to the back again to increase the size of the phones, and in the same year appeared the iPhone 4 as a future high, and the iPhone 4s as the first phone with a voice assistant Siri.

Samsung Galaxy S

The new step was for Samsung where tried a larger size and with a pen installed in a custom pocket which is the Galaxy Note, While Apple equip the iPhone 5s with footprint in the packages home screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 1

iPhone 5s

From this point the phones have become evolving at a rapid pace, growing its capacity, from the fingerprint reader faster, screens with edges of curved, camera quality and capabilities of higher, larger batteries and products with artificial intelligence, until 2017 when Apple launched the iPhone X, the largest hostile takeover of the company of the interface device, which is the direction of the development in 2018 and 2019 to focus to zoom the screen space as much as possible to minimize computing upper and lower, either to the network with notes like the iPhone or with a hole for the camera such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, or back again for the slider as in the water Mix 3 of Shao, Or that the camera is sliding as in the Oppo Find X, also appeared to recognize the face reader, iris and fingerprint of the finger through the screen, and finally the screens Bendy and networks of the fifth generation.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ and iPhone Xs Max

The end, the development of the smart phone level, and we don’t know what the future holds, but certain that it will be full of innovative and amazing that’s worth the wait.

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