The stock market tumbled. Vacancies in the blockchain projects is becoming less

Traders are not the only one who suffers from the fall of the stock market. A wave of startups, to which we have grown accustomed this year, has begun to rapidly dissolve. The market fell with the onset of winter, so many companies are now forced to reduce staff. The impact was so significant that Bloomberg devoted an entire publication to the closure of a number of cryptoprocta. Companies that have attracted funding in coins to cover operating expenses and salaries to employees, no longer able to work. Collected the investment has lost more than 80 percent of its value.

Last week we wrote about one of the major victims of this collapse. Team coins Ethereum Classic ETCDev announced on its closing. Executive Director of the company as the main reasons for the cessation of work called the financial difficulties that the current situation is not surprising. Cryptoform Steemit and Spankchain also suffered significant losses and were forced to cut up to 70 percent of their employees.

One of the largest enterprises in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies ConsenSys fired 13 percent of its 1,200 employees. Since the company primarily works with Ethereum, such a move is not surprising, given the fall of the ETH 93 percent from its historic high.

Source: Coinivore

The market again corresponds to the rule that survival of the fittest, because it is still companies that continue to open jobs. A good example is Facebook. Social platform right now is hiring a whole unit of experts in the field of blockchain.

As NewsBTC writes, reduction and bankruptcy are also observed in industry, cryptome. In the past year we have seen a boom in this niche, and now small publications out of business because no longer able to cover the fees of writers and editors – revenue from advertising cryptoprocta dropped significantly. More data look at cryptodata.

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