The steps, how you can sync your games across more than smart phone?

When you buy any new phone will be the major crisis in how to transport all our area and our data from the old smartphone, although the possibility to backup applications and data from your smartphone or transfer them easily using many applications, however most smart phones with the application already installed to do this, but this is not the case with games in the time in which we live, install games we were playing earlier, we recognize that all the progress in the stages of the game that has been accomplished already has been lost, However, there are two things to keep this up and they either run the game from the new or transferring game data from your smart phone former.

How to restore game progress from a smartphone to another:

The first way: the way Google

Launched Google apps as the Play Games allows users to maintain the game in addition to that synchronize also all game data across multiple devices associated with the Gmail account itself, lost all game data by using a Play Games, download the app and install it from the Google Play Store.

Given that most of the Android games in the current time require run Google Play Services, the application detects automatically the game you’re playing and ask you to log in to the game using the app, and in the case of non-application the application log, you can go ahead and use your Google account manually to log in, allow many of the Games also download games data manually to the Google Cloud and sync them with another device.

Method 2: the way of the social networks:

Hear all the games today almost users to log in using the account Facebook, and a Google account, and lost your data, log in using any account on social media like Facebook within the game and it will automatically sync all of your progress, and to review the data that has been downloaded or synced to your new phone, open the game, and use the same method to log in to the game that was used on your smartphone the old and wait until you can download the data, and once completed, restart the game and continue in playing.

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