The steps … How do you control the efficiency of the battery of the iPhone with ease?


Raised Apple sensation recently after her confession to slow down the iPhone on purpose in an attempt to spare users the abrupt end to their smartphones, here are know how to check the health of battery of your iPhone with ease as follows:

– List the battery

The user goes ‘ for Settings and then Battery, as the user will find the list of branch of the know the health of the battery.

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– Validation and efficiency of the battery

The user will find information to explain the power performance of the battery, with the display of information about whether there is gravity on the performance of the phone.

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– Scalable performance of the phone

If your phone has suffered from an unexpected restart due to poor battery performance, you can reduce the performance of the phone in an attempt to avoid this in the future, the user can disable what is known as the Performance Manager to avoid the occurrence of the problem.

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– Time to change the battery:

– If the health of the battery is less than 80%, or did not get the proper scale from the sub-menu, it’s time to change the battery of the phone of the nearest authorized service centre.

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