The standard hadla: Koreans spent $ 6000 on cryptocurrencies for the year

Korean Foundation for the protection of financial investors (KFIPF) has published a new report. According to the average cryptocurrency investors from South Korea have identified on this thing for 6 thousand dollars a year. To obtain the data helped the survey, which involved 2,500 people.

Of these, 7.4 percent said that buying a cryptocurrency. The investors from 2017 to 2018 spent on investing even more money. This may indirectly indicate that the credibility of the cryptocurrency is growing.

Compared with 2017 the size of the average investment grew by 67 percent in 2018 amounted to 6 thousand dollars per person. There’s a simple explanation. At the time, as in 2017 the main contributors in the crypt was the Millennials in 2018 industry have been interested in more Mature and wealthy segment of the population. The largest share of investments share of age group over 50 years, the second activity are 30-year residents, and already behind them — 40-year-old.

Criptionveterinary in South Korea is still considered a niche investment area. Nationwide, the number of investing in coins citizens from 2017 increased by only percent. This means that now anyone can have time to join this industry and even become a so-called an early user. Besides, analysts argue that Bitcoin has bottomed in December 2018, and then followed by another bull market.

Over the past ten years the Bitcoin has increased 70 thousand times and, it seems, is not going to stop. More recently, investor and analyst Charlie Bilello presented in the Twitter statistics according to which investing in BTC for the first quarter of 2019 has brought more profit than oil, bonds and gold.

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