The staff of the new York Apple Store complained about the infestation of parasites

Fame Apple has led to her mistakes, unlike errors of most of its competitors, instantly becomes subject to criticism and gossip about the attitude of a company towards its customers. Often claims are not worth a damn, but sometimes punctures that allow Apple create a risk of falling incomes and, even worse, reduce the loyalty of even the most devoted fans. The most striking examples are the underestimation of productivity of processors of old iPhone and the emergence in the Apple Store of bed bugs.

As found by the New York Post, a temporary pavilion on Fifth Avenue, which Apple is, until her famous shop in the form of a glass cube under construction, experienced an invasion of bed bugs. The first signs of the presence of parasites appeared 3-4 weeks ago. Most likely, bugs in the store has brought the homeless, which along with the rest of the visitors have unrestricted access to the Apple Store and I use this often, coming to get warm.

The main problem Apple Store

It was a real chaos, to recognize employees. Without exception, all were afraid to leave things in the locker room, feeling unprotected, but the user only limited to formal replies. In the end, it was decided to hold a secret disinfection, which took effect. Most of the time. After about a week and a half, the bugs returned and last Friday the store was closed for 6 hours because of an alleged water leak, which issued a re-spray.

But the main problem is not even the incident that had violated the rights of sellers in a safe place of work, and that Apple did not warn buyers about the risks they face of Contracting bedbugs. In Cupertino felt that to anything to attract undue attention, especially in this way. However, nothing about the invasion of parasites, Apple risked to provoke a pandemic, the consequences of which could be very sad.

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