The specification of the application Threads to chat from Instagram

Launched Instagram application Threads to be dedicated to chat, for to be like a messenger to Facebook.

“The application of Threads is Sha Instagram for close friends only “

And because the Instagram platform to share photos, run afoul of the Threads of the main camera, where you can capture a photo or record a short video and send it to friends, but more private, i.e. do not ask for pictures and videos only friends.

The user gets the same adjustment tools for photos and videos from Instagram in perfuming the chat.

You can share cases with one word accompanied by an image, a feature was available via the Facebook app but recently disappeared. It can be set cases automatically (Auto Status), to friends on what you do at different times of the day.

All messages that are exchanged between close friends, will appear on Instagram وThreads, and the other messages within the application Instagram only.

تطبيق Threads = شات إنستجرام

Therefore, lies the main difference between Threads Instagram in that the first focuses on the community of close friends; for Instagram can identify a group of close friends to share the story with the mystery, the Threads focuses on these category of friends without the others, allowing the watch case to automatically and exchange messages and also share the story; therefore the application requires the establishment of a list of close friends if you didn’t create.

Since Instagram is the first social of many users, it is not strange to invest Facebook in the application of the availability of private for close friends, or with the direction of the A lot of users of product to develop an audience and use the app as a space separate from friends and family.

There is no doubt that the success of the Threads requires a distinction to very much the same for Instagram to attract the audience, who according to Rob Stein – the head of the organization in Instagram, having on average less than 20 a close friend.

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Finally, we recall that the application Threads become available on both Android andiOS.

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