The software, delete the audio and video refined for iPhone free clean doctor iphone

Download program clean doctor delete duplicate images for iPhone

The problem of duplicate photos and duplicate videos free suffered by users of smart phones and of its consequences, which affect on the distance the phone is useless and run and that maybe the cause of his social networks and features automatic download of pictures and videos of Vita downloaded more than once , the application of clean doctor you can consider the faith of the excess files and duplicate anything you can than delete the photos and video duplicates in your phone and dump device space , you know the most important features that it provides you a program to delete duplicate pictures free clean doctor for iPhone in this topic from the website we how technology .

The application of organized faith clean doctor :

Of the most important applications that we need in our smart phones these days are apps to clean the phone of the duplicate images and undesirable and that will consume storage space large in our devices smart .

Considers the application of the clean doctor is the best alternative to spend many hours searching for duplicate images among the thousands of your image, it selects photos automatically, and therefore the importance of the images for users don’t think they delete them, so they take up storage space, and more to find the many duplicate images that don’t benefit from them, Thus the community of this photo is the large storage capacity of the device, today we introduce to you the application of the clean doctor creates your images extra refined .

مميزات برنامج clean doctor للايفون
A clean doctor for iPhone

And one of the most important features of the application to delete duplicate pictures in the days of the clean doctor is that he enjoys a high degree of privacy and security it doesn’t store the images and does not share any of your photos, so no need to worry OF to use it .

The application of Clin doctor for faith is not limited to delete the photos and duplicate videos, but also offers you the advantage of a task and looking for a lot of users and is the detection of contacts and numbers, duplicate and delete them from the phone or merge it being difficult to filter names repeated manually, and no doubt there are many applications to do this work but differs availability and quality of system to time the application of the clean doctor rid you of the numbers or the names duplicated in your phone with one click .

The best way to implement the faith from excess files :

The application of the clean doctor already is one of the best ways to organize iPhone of the virus by deleting the photos and files and numbers or duplicate Contacts and easy to use phone where it depends the practical application to help you in better management of your phone while providing storage space and improve battery consumption through three features brought to you by :

  • Search for duplicate images in the photo library or Camera Roll. You can delete the duplicate images directly from the Camera Roll .
البحث عن الصور المكررة في الهاتف clean doctor
Search for duplicate images in your phone clean doctor
حذف الصور المكررة من الايفون
Delete duplicate images from faith
  • Search for duplicate contacts, phone numbers and e-mail messages
حذف جهات الاتصال المكررة للايفون
Delete duplicate contacts for iPhone
  • Search for all the devices that are already connected to the Wireless LAN, determining whether it is connected an unknown device in the network
  • Remove ads and invitations unwanted messages from the calendar
  • To improve the storage of the faith, and iPad, and the width of the space used
عرض المساحة التخزينية في الايفون و الايباد
The width of the storage space in the faith, and iPad

It is worth noting that the programme of Doctor clean able to protect privacy in the mobile phone by setting a password for the apps closed and not let anybody else enter it without your knowledge it is useful to know that the program offers you gift a download the program to remove the Virus completely from the device.

If you are from users phones Android of course also looking for an application that lets you remove and delete duplicate images and organize your phone from viruses and excess files and harmful and expand the phone’s memory , now you can download gallery doctor program to delete duplicate images Android free

In short, the application of the clean doctor, which we offer today, you can manage the space and the system of the phone and delete all the What is a duplicate and not necessary n images or videos or networks or contacts or apps and helps you constantly get a memory dump and find empty space to use .

How to stop auto backup in WhatsApp to prevent the recurrence of images and videos, or download things undesirable to run the memory space of the here.

Link to download the application to delete the audio and video refined for iPhone clean doctor

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