The smartphones which brands the most popular in Russia? (the survey results)

Previously, we launched a survey among our readers, he had to show what the most popular brands in Russia. The statistics of official sales did not disclose the full picture of what is happening in the market. It is difficult to objectively say how much percent of the market in Russia for Chinese smartphones, as many of them are ordered through China. The results of our survey are probably the most objective assessment of the situation on the Russian market.

In the survey participated 4511 people at the time of writing. The most popular brand in Russia is Xiaomi. 22% voted smartphone of the manufacturer, and is the highest rate. On the second place company is Samsung with a score of 20%. Third place went to Huawei, the company owned 17% of voters.

The fourth line gave Sony with a score of 5%. In fifth place Nokia — 4%. The full list can be found below:


Initially we had hoped that Samsung can come out ahead. You can assume that Xiaomi will be on the third place after Samsung and Huawei, but the company has managed to become the first. Also unexpected may be the fact that Sony took the fourth position and was ahead of Nokia, since the latter are increasingly becoming the choice of consumers.

The good news is the position of the OnePlus. Smartphones use 3% of voters, for devices the flagship segment of a great result. 18% chose the option “Other” it is difficult to say what the models in question in the material we did not specify the brand Meizu, but I doubt that more than 5% will use smartphones this manufacturer in Russia.

Vivo and Oppo are trying to get some market share, but the results are not very attracted to. Of 4511 people, only 14 people are the owners of the smartphone Oppo, Vivo a little more popular 23.

I want to thank everyone who took part in the survey and helped to make a real picture of what is happening on the Russian market of smartphones. Also, you can always subscribe to us via Telegram.

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