The smartphone market is waiting for a new revolution

Let’s remember how the market was developing smartphones 10 years ago. Then the main competitors Samsung and Apple. They attracted the attention of the market due to the huge Finance and advertising. Then LG, HTC and other very large companies could not fully compete with them. But how they managed to sell their decisions?

It’s all in the chips. Anyway the LG and HTC offered something that could not give the big players. With its features they were trying to capture at least a small share of the market.

This situation continued for many years and is still ongoing. Along with the HTC One M7 showed the Dual Pixel technology, LG G3 has got a QHD resolution, HTC U11 was the first device with the Edge faces of the Sense that you can squeeze for quick operations. In LG G5, the Korean company introduced the modular concept. The same strategy was followed by the Motorola company, which still continues to release new smartphones with support for old modules Moto Mods.

Who is preparing a revolution?

LG at MWC 2019 will introduce a smartphone that can be controlled by gestures at a distance without touching the device. Most likely, we are not talking about the normal use of the front camera to analyze the environment. Probably used a special motion capture technology the hands using the sensors embedded under the display. It is quite feasible, as previously Samsung has patented a smartphone with a camera under the display.

Technology LG – if it proves itself – could become truly revolutionary. Anything earlier, no one showed. Also don’t rule out the possibility that LG will use the Floating Touch technology similar to that found in the Sony Xperia Sola (the first phone on the market with a similar feature). Floating Touch later used by Samsung in its flagship line Note, so that the screen could at a distance to determine the location of the S Pen. Perhaps technology already allows to make the screen so sensitive, that he could at a distance of 5 centimeters to respond to the motion.

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