The smartphone becomes the key to the car


The Network reported the development of technology that allows you to use your smartphone as a digital key for a car. The development is conducted with the participation of the two leading providers of smart phones in the global market, automotive companies and chipmakers. Digital will be key and an additional new features that were also considered.

Разрабатывается Digital Key

The consortium Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), MirrorLink is a organization, published the first specification of the digital key (Digital Key). This will allow you to unlock cars, supports new technology, using mobile phone through NFC. The technology also allows running the engine. More new message has been reviewed by Peter (Peter) on the resource page with reference to the press release Car Connectivity Consortium.

Work on version 2.0 is underway with the participation of vendors of smartphones — Apple, Samsung and LG, as well as chip manufacturers (Qualcomm and NXP) and companies producing cars, including Audi, VW, BMW, GM, Toyota and Hyundai. The new generation of the standard, as noted further, will be developed during the first three months of 2019.

Digital Key smartphone (or smart watch) user will make unnecessary the key FOB. Moreover, the digital key is able to boot if necessary and they can be shared.

This opens up new opportunities for companies providing cars for rental — after all, nothing but the applications are not required for this.

To discuss the prospects of using the smartphone as a digital car key readers in the Telegram chat.

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