The smallest computer in the world became even less

When IBM said in March that created the smallest computer in the world, scientists from the University of Michigan with displeasure raised eyebrows because IBM is the championship belonged to them. Now the smallest computer in the world have a Michigan team again — just 0.3 mm in width. Next to him a grain of rice will be a giant. You see, the fact that the application IBM forced scientists to reconsider the constituent elements of the computer. Previous devices, including the Michigan Micro Mote (2х2х4 mm) was able to program and store data even without external power source.

Unplug desktop, and all programs and data will be kept, even if there is no power. New micro-device from IBM and scientists from the University of Michigan, losing all their data and programs along with shut off the power.

“We’re not sure whether to call them computers. More importantly, if they have minimal functionality,” says David Blau, Professor of electrical and computer engineering, leading the development of the system.

New devices have processors, wireless transmitters and receivers. Because they are too small to have the usual radio antenna, they receive and transmit data in visible light.

Designed as a precise temperature sensor, the new device converts the temperature in time intervals determined by electronic pulses. These intervals are measured on the chip of relatively uniform time intervals transmitted from the base station, and then converted to temperature. The computer reports the temperature of tiny regions — for example, in a cluster of cells with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees Celsius.

This system is highly flexible and can be altered for a variety of assignments, however, scientists have chosen the accurate temperature change due to the needs of oncologists. According to some studies, tumor tissue work at a higher temperature than normal, but confidence in this question you need more data. The microcomputer can help in this matter. Where else can be useful Michigan Micro Mote?

  • Cancer research
  • Measurement of pressure inside the eye to diagnose glaucoma
  • Monitoring of oil tanks
  • Monitoring of biochemical processes
  • Video and audio
  • The study of the tiny snails

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