The Secret Service and the British are going to approach the American government and the Prohibition of equipment Huawei


Availability of Huawei projects all over the world after it was banned the use of police equipment private networks, 5G in each of Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America. Moreover, we have heard recently as well that the U.S. government continue with its allies to develop them to do the same thing. It seems that the Secret Service, the British decided to respond to this request.

I confirmed the phone company British BT Telecom officially that they will remove the equipment for 3G and 4G manufactured by Huawei from its network key because the Secret Service of the British suspects in police involvement with the Chinese government. It should be noted that this comes after the arrest of the head of the Office of financial affairs at Huawei in Vancouver, Canada on charges that Huawei violated the trade embargo on Iran. If it looks familiar, it is because of ZTE Corporation know that also and we all know how that turned out.

To remind, the company Huawei by a former officer of the people’s Liberation Army of China, and that’s what raised some questions about whether the company has relationships with the current government and engaged in trade on the world. The company has not yet responded to these accusations.



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