The second generation of the phone games RED Magic up the formal framework account for the

The company disclosed the newbies a Chinese phone games new Red Magic Mars more powerful of a processor Snapdragon 845 and up to 10 gigabytes of RAM and a cooling system dual pipes.

Start options RAM/storage 64/6 gigabytes and up to 256/10 gigabytes of address space, that the phone comes with Android operating system 9 from the fund, and provides a button dedicated material to form a play mode.

LCD screen measuring 6 inches, accuracy and 1080×2160 pixels, with the flag of that party under the phone Top account for you can even use them as buttons additional in the area.

Beside the powerful processor the amplitude of the radio big and the frame touch my cooling system, for sound stereos, and a vibration device to the “4D Shock” that improve the user interaction with games, and controllers that can be connected via Bluetooth and comes with the box, they can improve a lot of gameplay experience.

Battery 3,800 mAh, the phone comes with illuminated handset port headset 3.5 mm, and add the colors of the phone as possible, will come to terms of RGB can customize its colors.

Camera Red Magic Mars background mono-strictly 16 maps the aperture f/1.8, although the first generation was strictly 24 maps the aperture f/1.7 and the front camera is still strictly 8 maps.

The starting price Red Magic Mars of 388$ (1456 SR) for the 6/64GB and up to 460$ (1726 SR) for 8/128GB and even 575$ (2157 sr) to 10/256GB.

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