The screen will cover 93.1% of the phone interface for Oppo Reno, and will be free of cuts or holes


Flagship phone next buy Oppo which officially confirmed that it will carry the name of the Oppo Reno looks to be a smartphone unique. Back to ads headline and settlement of the former, this phone will come with a camera convenient to provide a rounded Hybrid up to 10x, as it will damage the screen of the Dynamic AMOLED the latest from Samsung, but that’s not all.

Today, he explained to us the deputy CEO of Oppo that the screen will cover 93.1 percent of the phone interface for Oppo Reno without resorting to cutting or hole for the front camera. If this figure is accurate, it means that he should not be the perimeter network in this phone set.

In addition, says the vice-president that there won’t be any holes in the back of the phone, but we honestly don’t know what it means. This may mean that the back of the phone Oppo Reno will be covered with a layer of glass and one free from holes, this means that this energy glass will protect the back of the phone and the lens of the camera also at the same time, but that’s just speculation at the moment.


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