The screen of the Note 10 will be the best in Samsung phones

When it launched the HTC HD2 is a 4.3-inch in 2009, was not expected to increase the size of the screen in the phones about it, but after two years got Galaxy Note The first breaking the barrier of 5-inch screen, 5.3 inch, came Note 9 for more than 3 months the screen of 6.4 inch, it seems that the Note 10 will continue on the same approach screen is the best in Samsung phones.

According to Korean sources, there will come a Note 10 a 6.66-inch 4K, and that the code name of the phone is the Da Vinci (DaVinci) that comes in the strongest processors Snapdragon and Exynos support 5G network and preparation of a camera background of the three, and it will be available mid-2019, instead of the time it is launched the usual – the second quarter of each year.

Speaking of screen design at large will be one of the four screens announced by Samsung early November, although we expect to be the screen of the Note 10 the best in Samsung phones, but a larger screen would be 7.3 inches, and the share of the phone folding.

4 new screens Samsung has announced its arrival to the phones of the future

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