The scammers charged users a fee for access to Google Maps

About 20 cartographic applications from Google Play are dummies that do not have the application developers a set of functions. This convinced the researcher of the antivirus company ESET Lucas Stefanko, check the capabilities of several dozen navigation titles. Their only purpose is to show the user ads, and then redirected to Google Maps.

Despite the fact that applications from the list Stefanko not have their own functionality, for all time of existence they have been downloaded more than 50 million users. Many of them are quite acceptable for this type of evaluation, which could be stranded and left by the real users, who failed to recognize the forgery.

Fake apps

  • GPS Maps, Route Finder — Navigation, Directions
  • GPS, Maps & Navigation
  • GPS Route Finder — GPS, Maps, Navigation & Traffic
  • GPS, Maps, Navigations — Area Calculator
  • GPS , Maps, Navigations & Directions
  • Maps, Route Directions GPS Navigation Location Live
  • 2019 Earth Map Live Satellite View, Street View
  • Live Earth Map & Satellite View, GPS Tracking
  • Traffic Updates: GPS & Navigation
  • Free-GPS, Maps, Navigation, Directions and Traffic
  • Voice GPS Driving Directions, Gps Navigation, Maps
  • GPS Live Street Map and Travel Navigation
  • Street View GPS, Navigation & Direction Maps
  • GPS Satellite Maps
  • Free GPS Maps, Navigation & Directions
  • Maps & GPS Navigation: Find your route easily!
  • Voice GPS Navigation Maps Driving
  • GPS Navigation & Tracker
  • GPS Voice Navigation Maps, Speedometer & Compass

What is dangerous these apps

But worst of all not even reviews or number of downloads, says the researcher, and the fact that some developers are asked to pay their application money. For a fee, users are granted access to the premium version of the app that contains no ads. That’s just ironically these applications contain not just ads, but also nothing else but redirect functions, directing the user to Google Maps.

According to Stefanko, and he sent Google a message about the detection of apps that clearly violate Google Play policies, but did not receive the expected reaction. At the time of publication, most titles are still available for download in the directory the search giant continuing to enter unsuspecting users into thinking about their actual possibilities.

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