The Scam continues. The scammers offer to order non-existent ASIC Antminer E9+

A week and a half ago, Bitmain customers started to receive suspicious emails supposedly from the company’s employees. They reported about the start of the presale Antminer S11 and offered to buy ASIC miner is much earlier than the rest. It seems that the scheme worked. Speaking in favor of this new stage of divorce — now featuring a different fictional model.

Antminer and S11 E9+ divorce

In the beginning of the month scammers promoted Antminer S11. Model allegedly worked with hasraton at 79.5 TH/s and in addition consumes 1400 watts. As a bonus, the authors of the Scam offered a coupon for $ 100 and promised to deliver the device to the correct address of the user who has already been specified in the letter.

The address testified to hacking the database Bitmain, but credible clients. Some of them happened — the wallets of the fraudsters was added to 8 thousand dollars.

New ASIC miner. The old scheme of divorce

Today users have received similar letters. At this time, the scammers offered to invest in presales E9 Antminer+. Hasrat model — 2970 MH, a gift supposedly will give a coupon for $ 200.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get your Antminer E9+ first!

Presale expiry date is 23:59:59, 22th, June, 2018 (Beijing time, GMT+8).

Please find additional information about our offer in the PDF file attached.

To motivate them to hurry unsuspecting users should the date of sales. The first batch of 1000 devices should be sent in the interval from 9 to 13 July, while the remaining 5,000 miners will ship in late August.

The letter attached the characteristics of a non-existent device, together with links for payment. Everything is exactly the same as last time.

Recall that such proposals Scam. The company never sells ASIC miners in person, and even more unannounced models. News producer look at the site You can only buy on

If the url is rearranged letter or other changes, leave the resource and do not enter any data or to send funds. To get them back will not work.

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