The Samsung apps store gets to design One UI and New

After the submission interface, One UI that focuses on facilitating the use of with one hand, Samsung has started to adopt the design language of the rest of the application that did not include its Android update 9.

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Two days ago he began to choose to design One UI on the beta version browser Samsung, and today began the arrival of the new design for the App Store Galaxy Apps, which also received a new name.

The name of the Samsung apps store in the form of his new is Galaxy Store, while the new name refers to the included content Additional, the App Store apps and games only currently, which may change in the future.

See the features of One UI and one app store terms of design ring for buttons, titles that have become more obvious, the buttons close to the user’s hand, including the tab bar of the main which has become the bottom of the screen; therefore the browsing experience will be easier on the user.

Come design and the new issue v4.5.01.7, which began its release to users of Samsung devices with Android System 9 within the update is compulsory; any irreversible and will not work the older versions of the App Store after the arrival of the update to the user.

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