The Safe Browsing feature ” Safe Browsing ” has become now integrated in Android apps

Galaxy S9+

With a growing reliance on the internet in our daily lives, has become the protection of our presence on the Web is a crucial task. That is why many companies began to include more security features in their own software and services, recently Google announced that Safe Browsing feature ” Safe Browsing ” will be the now merged by default in Android apps.

It was advertised originally by the company Google in the month of December last year, but what has changed since then to now, is activate this feature by default. According to google, it has stated by saying : ” no longer the developers of Android apps who use the framework the WebView need to make any changes to benefit from this protection. Has been to provide a Safe Browsing feature in WebView since Android 8.0 Oreo, using the basic technique the same used in Google Chrome on the Android platform “.


So what are the Safe Browsing feature is? Basically, if you’re using Google Chrome to browse the web, you may be browsing some malicious sites by accident, where you are alerted by a red screen to tell you about it and you continue to use this site to protect you.

Through the integration of Safe Browsing feature in the framework, WebView on Android, it means that even apps will be protected using the Safe Browsing feature ” Safe Browsing ” as shown in the picture above, not only on the browser Google Chrome, which provides an additional layer of protection for users.



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