The Russian billionaire will create a space-faring nation with cryptocurrency SOLAR

In February, the head of Bitcoin Foundation Brock pierce spoke about the desire to create a mini-city for the cryptocurrency of the rich in San Juan, capital of Puerto Rico. Now the Russian billionaire and the scientist Igor ashurbeyli has announced the intention to establish on Earth “the first space-faring nation, Asgardia”. The authorities also intend to issue its own cryptocurrency SOLAR and to protect the Earth from asteroids. About it writes “RIA Novosti”.

The crypt space of the nation

While the state has no site. While its citizens have become 200 thousand people who received the e-passport through the Internet. In the future ashurbeyli plans to launch the platform with the houses in earth orbit, and also to establish settlements on the moon.

Asgardia already have a flag, national anthem, Constitution and elected representatives who will represent the state on the Ground.

We’ve created all branches of the nation. I can say that Asgardia was born. We will develop infrastructure that will not depend on terrestrial systems. Asgardians are portable devices integrated with passports, credit cards and traditional smartphones.

Ashurbeyli added that all citizens will be provided with free and unlimited Internet. In addition, residents will serve in the Navy, whose task will be to defend the Earth from asteroids.

Perhaps the creation of a cryptocurrency for the intergalactic States this is the strangest use of technology to date. But whether still will be.

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