The ruling party of India accused of money laundering through Bitcoin

In February, the government of India announced about the intention to tighten control over the circulation of cryptocurrency in the country. Then the officials said that several dozen companies have committed fraud with crypto currency for a total amount of $ 600 million.

Now in the laundering of money through digital assets has accused the ruling party of the country. According to representatives of the Indian national Congress, officials have made illegal profits in the legal using Bitcoins. This writes Cointelegraph.

Officials like cryptocurrency

The congressmen believe that the representatives of the people’s party (BJP) was laundering money through the stock exchange, registered in the state of Gujarat. All the government managed to legalize from 727 million dollars to 12.7 billion dollars.

The Indian national Congress began its own investigation of economic crimes, to observe the mandated Supreme court of India.

We will conduct an impartial investigation of the mega fraud involving cryptocurrency. Our main goal is to discover the truth.

The congressmen added that laundered money officials invested in affiliate business across the country. In the BJP denied the charges, calling the Congress a “Department of dirty deeds” and accusing its employees of slander.

If the allegations are true, the actions of the members of the Indian ruling party can seriously impair the statistics of fraud with the help of cryptocurrency. Now the number of such crimes may amount to only 1 percent of total transactions.

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