The role of aesthetics in smartphones Apple, or What is so good iPhone XR

Apple is risking the reliability of all iPhone belonging to the line X, except for iPhone XR, reducing the thickness of the border under the display as much as possible. This statement was made by the user of the website Reddit with nick Kymbb, present a current employee of the company. According to him, minimizing the size of the bottom face of smartphones in Cupertino pursue purely aesthetic purpose, despite the high risk of damage to their displays when falling on a hard surface.

The problem of low reliability of an iPhone with a thin “chin” is that when installing the OLED panels with their edges folded inwards, literally, allowing you to minimize the framework, explained Kymbb. But this same feature makes the verge of such devices are very vulnerable to external impact, greatly increasing the risk of damage to the display in the fall. Usually this is due to the peeling of the edges, which in turn leads to a permanent green or pink color running through the entire display.

Why Android smartphones so fat bottom frame

“Fat bottom frame, which you see on many Android smartphones, is a reflection of the principles that profess their producers, says Kymbb. For example, Apple appreciates [in smartphones] aesthetics and for her sake willing to sacrifice their reliability”. Other companies usually use this space to embed more powerful speakers, or other hardware components, as well as to improve the reliability of branded devices.

It is easy to guess that since the problem is characteristic only for smartphones with OLED screens, the iPhone XR, thanks to its IPS-matrix is completely immune to it. Oddly enough, but because his display is not tuck, they require thicker bezels than the iPhone XS. They not only minimize the likelihood of inadvertent taps on the touchscreen inner side of the palm, but also make it more reliable, reducing the risk of damage in case of falling out of the hand on a hard surface.

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