The rise of Huawei may force Samsung to close one of its factories in China and reduced production of its phones

The observer of the smartphone market it must be noted that Chinese companies, especially Huawei’s share, has become a source of inconvenience for everyone in the smart phone market; even the purchase of my Samsung and Apple, already able Huawei from the offset of the last for second place in the number of shipments during the second quarter of the current year, to become a second behind Samsung, which is other become ashamed, especially after the Sales is very vulnerable for Galaxy S9, which forced them to disable the announcement of the Galaxy Note9.

And shows, which was published by the newspaper Korea today, Samsung very fear of this interpretation to Chinese companies, which reported that the Korean company intends to suspend production at one of their manufacturers in China, a move that will translate to reduced production in China by one-third.

The move comes after profit decline Samsung’s mobile phone market is estimated to be 34%, with the recognition that sales of the phone my Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ was disappointing.

Recall that the bank that the company intends to suspend production over 36 million mobile phones per year, while the other source about 72 million devices a year.

For its part, Samsung said it’s not her, but the tone of its statement to Reuters weren’t encouraging, she said: “the face of the smartphone market generally difficulties because of slowing growth”. It added that its plant in question is intended to focus on activities that increase competitiveness and efficiency.

It should be noted that the largest decline of Samsung is in China, as it was 5 years ago acquires 20% of the market there, and now does not exceed the share of 1%. So it is expected to focus the company in the coming days. the other markets are important, such as Vietnam and India, where it opened on 9 July last the largest factory to produce mobile phones in the world.

This, comes a report today in conjunction with confirmation of the official I have a Samsung that battery Galaxy Note9 sound and completely safe, as it will achieve better sales than its predecessor Galaxy Note8.

What do you think about this move from Samsung? Do you think it’s enough to stop the bleeding in its market share? Let me know in the comments.

The rise of Huawei may force Samsung to close one of its factories in China and reduced production of its phones were first deployed in the are.

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