The return of the dragon: investors are massively from China poured money into Bitcoin

China has become home to major blockchain projects like Tron or Neo, with most of the capacity for the production of Bitcoin is also located here. Now Chinese investors also joined the FOMO syndrome — according to analysts, enthusiasts from the Asian region have already begun to pour their money into the crypt.

Chinese bulls

The cryptanalyst Anton Pagi has recently published the results of a study according to which the wave of Bitcoin growth from $ 4,000 was caused by injections of Fiat from China. Pagi also shared some interesting information from experts CoinLib, who spoke about the reasons for the beginning bullrun.

According to local insider cnLedger, the trading volume of OTC transactions in China are also on the rise.

South China Morning Post claims that Chinese traders are beginning to invest in stabilini. According to them, the coins can help ordinary citizens to circumvent the restrictions of the local government.

Why Chinese Bitcoin?

Around the country there are a lot of macroeconomic factors that contribute to the development of the stock market. The most important stock market index Hong Kong stock exchange (Hang Seng) were up 20 percent since the beginning of 2019, so the Chinese are looking for other assets with high potential to increase their income.

We are witnessing the revival of demand on cryptocurrencies from China. The formation of trend replaces the year of silence. It is a reminder of a time when a large part of its trading volume came from China.

While not completely clear how extensive the effect of increasing liquidity on the platforms for OTC trading with Bitcoin. We will remind, earlier on the platform of Cumberland was seen several large orders to buy cryptocurrency with a size of 1000 BTC each.

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