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Earlier this month, we heard a project called Dragonfly, a project that aims to restore the Google search engine to China, but with mechanisms revised, and the commitment to the laws of censorship in China. Now the New York Times reported us to the message asking for more transparency to understand the moral implications of this decision revolved around the offices of Google have been signed already by more than 1,400 employees in the company.

And the message from the administration ” work with staff to implement the operations of the transparency and supervision of concrete “. Staff Google the signatories of the letter include future projects on the structure for review of ethics comprising representatives of staff and secretaries, and a clear plan to enable the staff of Google from the moral choice of the individual, evaluate the moral problems Dragonfly, among other projects. Also ask the officials at Google that have connections visible internally ” on any of the new sectors of the importance of ethical essence. “

In 2010, I encountered a Google problem with Chinese hackers, in response, the company withdrew all its main services of the country. Don’t investors feel good because the company does not at present possess the influence to try to return to the Chinese market presses now on the officials to find a way to achieve that, while staff expressed their concerns about the logo company’s internal ” do not be evil “.

It is said that some of the staff supported the return to China, saying the decision to exit does not cause a lot of trouble for local authorities. Preferably the search engine Google is now the largest base in the world for Internet users.



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