The return of Applied Power Shade and Material Notification Shade follow the Google Play

عودة تطبيقي Power Shade و Material Notification Shade لمتجر قوقل بلاي

Previously it was US stations in each revision of the application Material Notification Shade the owner of the file to download from the store Google Play, the app is the other Power Shade the owner of half of the number listed, and all applications of the development of the company Treydev Inc, where he selects the two of these applications to modify and customize the notification panel on Android without the need of the powers of Root.

With the end of last month, Google estate of her store, Google Play, and the reason that both applications carrying malicious software, while bought a lot in that process of elimination was due to errors programs, Google enthusiastic or car Store Google Play services access, but the answer was the developer of the application where the ills of the cause of the removal of the existence of the library did not own and was working behind the scenes.

During the financial period was the reclamation of the things and now has been re-both applications on the App Store, and most of all that has been removed network malware, and at the same time there isn’t any extras or any deficiency in the features and tools of each application, finally to determine the application of the Power Shade and Material Notification Shade you can transition from here or here , respectively.

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